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March Madness

So as you can see, I don't just shoot weddings!

The past few weeks have been pretty diverse to say the least - rugby players, politicians, interiors, exteriors, models, dentists, weather girls and various gizmos and gadgets. I am so lucky to love my job, meet so many fantastic people and I'm still learning every day so can never, ever get complacent.

I work at a lot of rugby based events for Victor Ubogu (the one being accosted by the men in green hats)! Former Bath and England rugby union player, he now offers fantastic 5 star hospitality and travel at a lot the big sporting fixtures with his company VULtd. Ive been shooting events for VU for 10 years now and love working for them, I know the majority of the clients who now feel like good friends if not family. It can be hard work at times as I also print on-site but Im always rewarded with bubbles and one of Victors amazingly big smiles and roaring laughter. Check out some of Victors events on they really are so much fun!

Sadly the rugby season is now over but luckily the wedding season is just around the corner and I can't wait!


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