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Images in Print - The Puddle Party

Its always great seeing your images in print, this quarters A Kentish Ceremony features two of my weddings I had the pleasure to shoot last year.

Pippa and Rich had really fun and quirky wedding, the more formal ceremony was performed at the beautiful Nettlestead Place near Wateringbury then on to Sam Neals Farm for the fun and frolics. Pippa was marrying Richard Puddle so they decided to call the wedding reception the 'Puddle Party'. And that it was because just as we arrived at the venue the heavens opened! And yes it rained and rained and rained! It didn't stop the fun though- rounders, sumo wrestling, fish and chips for dinner and an ice cream van supplied the pudding.

Pip and Rich's first dance was also unique, holding brollies and wearing wellies. The fun didn't stop there though as the barn dance began and everyone joined in. It really was one of my favourite weddings to shoot and the family took me in as part of their own. I hope my photos show the fun that was had by all, just wish we could do it all again, possibly without quite so much rain next time!


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