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VU Ltd - 6 Nations Rugby

I love being a wedding photographer but I also really enjoy my event work, Ive been working for VU Ltd

for about 8 years now. I first met Victor Ubogu on a charity trek to Peru, he'd just finished playing rugby for Bath and England and owned a couple of bars in London. He later set up his own corporate hospitality and events company mainly based around rugby events but also covers Cyclothon UK, F1 & tennis amongst other sporting fixtures. I've have shot for Victor all over the world at various tournaments in Australia, Hong Kong, Dubai, Rome & Paris. He has a clubhouse in Twickenham where we entertain up to 200 guests pre and post match, I'm the in-house photographer who's lucky enough to rub shoulders with sporting legends, TV and Film personalities. At the moment Im working for Victor at the RSB 6 Nations, here are a few images from the house ....

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